Constitution of The High Council Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis
As amended through November 6, 2021
NOW, in consequence with the provisional Act of Constitution of April, 1880, and Affirmative Act of
September 21, 1880, the Amendments passed subsequently, The High Council does hereby, in the exercise
of its functions and its powers, ordain the following:
Section 1. TITLE. The supreme governing body of the Society of Rosicrucians shall be styled “THE HIGH
independent, established on its own basis; and as a Society is in no way connected with any other
institution, saving and excepting that its members shall be selected from Christian Master Masons in good
and regular standing.
Section 2. CONVOCATIONS. The High Council shall hold Annual Convocations at such time and place as
the Supreme Magus shall determine, and Special Convocations at his call.
Section 3. COMPOSITION OF THE HIGH COUNCIL. The High Council shall be composed of all members of
the Third Order (VIII Grade and IX Grade only).
Section 4. OFFICERS. The elected officers of the High Council shall be the Supreme Magus, Senior Deputy
Supreme Magus, Junior Deputy Supreme Magus, Treasurer General, and Secretary General. The following
officers shall be appointed by the three “Ruling Magi” (i.e., the Supreme Magus, Senior Deputy Supreme
Magus, and Junior Deputy Supreme Magus):
1. First Ancient 16. Third Herald
2. Second Ancient 17. First Acolyte
3. Third Ancient 18. Second Acolyte
4. Fourth Ancient 19. Third Acolyte
5. Fifth Ancient 20. High Prelate
6. Sixth Ancient 21. Editor
7. Seventh Ancient 22. Webmaster
8. Preceptor 23. Director of Foreign Relations
9. Conductor of Novices 24. Legal Counsel
10. Director of Ceremonies 25. Fiscal Consultant
11. Torch Bearer 26. Minister of Music
12. Medalist 27. Planning Director
13. Guardian of the Caverns 28. Deputy Treasurer General
14. First Herald 29. Deputy Secretary General
15. Second Herald
Section 5. ELECTIONS. The Supreme Magus, Senior Deputy Supreme Magus, Junior Deputy Supreme
Magus, Treasurer General, and Secretary General shall be elected triennially.
Section 6. ELIGIBILITY TO OFFICE. Any member who has attained the Eighth Grade is eligible to hold office
in the High Council.
Section 7. VOTE AND VOICE. All members of the High Council shall have one (1) vote only and voice in
elections and questions brought before it: Provided, however, that the Ritual and matters pertaining
thereto shall be solely and exclusively within the purview and under the control of the three Ruling Magi.
Section 8. QUORUM. Five (5) members of the High Council, including at least one (1) of the three Ruling
Magi, shall constitute a Quorum of the High Council.
Section 9. TITLES. Members of the Society are known as Fratres and are recognized by the
following titles:
Most Worthy: The Supreme Magus and all Supreme Magi Emeriti;
Right Worthy: All Fratres of the Third Order;
Very Worthy: All Fratres of the Second Order; and
Worthy: All Fratres of the First Order
Section 10. NINTH GRADE. The Supreme Magus, Senior Deputy Supreme Magus, Junior Deputy Supreme
Magus, Treasurer General, Secretary General, and Chief Adept of a College shall be elevated to the Grade
of Magus (IX°) by virtue of the offices held by them. All Grades shall be ad vitam, and therefore shall not
cease should an office incumbent cease to hold office.
Section 11. POWER TO VISIT. Any of the three Ruling Magi shall have the right and power to visit, inspect
and preside over all Colleges. Every Third Order Member shall have the right to visit all Colleges and, with
pre-approval by the Chief Adept or Celebrant of the College to be visited, any Frater may visit any College.
Section 12. VACANCIES IN OFFICE. Should vacancies occur due to death, resignation, removal from the
jurisdiction, or other cause for an incumbent not to serve or complete his elected term, the Supreme
Magus shall fill such vacancy by appointment for the remainder of the term of the office vacated. Such
appointment(s) shall be subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the High Council at its first
Convocation thereafter, Annual or otherwise. The preceding sentence notwithstanding, in case of a
vacancy in the office of Supreme Magus, the Senior Deputy Supreme Magus, by virtue of his office and
rank,shall immediately succeed to the office of Supreme Magus, with all the rights, powers, and privileges
thereunto belonging: and in like manner the Junior Deputy Supreme Magus shall thereupon succeed as
Senior Deputy Supreme Magus. A Supreme Magus thus created shall complete the triennial term of his
predecessor, and may be elected to a triennial term of his own. He shallserve until his successor is elected
and installed in office.
Section 13. EMERITUS MEMBERS. Emeritus Membership may be granted when a member is no longer
able to attend due to no fault of his own. Emeritus membership shall not exceed ten (10) per College,
unless specifically approved by the Supreme Magus. Emeritus Members shall not be counted against the
membership limitation but they are subject to per capita dues and assessments and shall be included in
the Annual Report to the High Council. Emeritus Members shall have all rights of full membership including
the right to vote, but will not hold office in a College. The retiring Supreme Magus at the end of his term
will immediately assume the title Supreme Magus Emeritus.
Section 14. HONORARY MEMBERS. Honorary Membership may be conferred by the High Council or by
the Supreme Magus upon distinguished Fratres of other Rosicrucian Societies recognized by the High
Section 15. GRADE DESIGNATIONS. Full membership in any Grade shall be designated by Roman
Numerals following the name. Honorary membership shall be designated by an Arabic numeral following
the name. Such numerals shall be followed by the “degree” symbol (°).
Section 16. EXPENDITURES. No contract to bind the High Council for the payment of funds of the High
Council shall be entered into unless approved by the Supreme Magus or by the affirmative vote of the
High Council. The Treasurer General shall pay all bills approved by the Supreme Magus or, when the
contract is approved by the High Council, by the Secretary General.
Section 17. SEE AND OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. The See of the Society shall be at the city of residence of the
Supreme Magus and all printed official documents shall originate from said city: Provided, however, that
the Supreme Magus may, in his discretion, issue Edicts, Decrees, and other documents from other than
his place of residence